Reusable Stands


Custom design of reusable stands for trade fairs and modular stands made of renewable wood fibre.

Our aim is to give shape to the information, design and image necessary for our clients to find a unique and suggestive stand, standing out from the competition.

The advantage of these stands is that, thanks to our assembly system, they can be easily assembled and dismantled (without the need for tools or screws). This allows it to be reused many times, minimizing the cost per event, which makes it a very profitable investment. In addition, they can be extended in height and width, updating and adapting their structure for different spaces.

For transport we manufacture a reusable box pallet of 2.44 x 1.22 meters. This allows for the undamaged transport of all the parts that make up the stands.

Our products are environmentally friendly and offer a low carbon footprint.