Tecnirolo trade fair stand


stand de feria

Tecnirolo trade fair stand


Fair stand with an attractive and innovative design and architecture. It also contains a strong and, of course, lightweight structure. Our stands offer the possibility to adapt to different places, allowing their reuse in various fairs as a result.

The stand is assembled manually without the use of tools or screws, nails or glues. The assembly is by means of our patented assembly system that joins the different parts of the stand generating a great structural resistance to the whole.

For easy transport of the stand, a box pallet can be produced with an aesthetics that matches the stand.

Material: Renewable wood fibre. Depending on the weight to be supported the thicknesses can be from 4 mm to 10 mm.

Finally, the measurements and the chromatic range of the stand are adjusted to the needs of the client, as well as to the image they want to transmit.

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